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RBH Government Sales And Search, LLC (RBH) is dedicated to increasing your companies Government sales and profit. We are unique among GSA consultants in that we go far beyond getting your business a GSA schedule contract. Getting a GSA contract is an important first step, but it’s only a first step. We help you take your GSA schedule contract and turn it into sales. How? By promoting your business directly to the decision-makers in the government who purchase the type of goods or services you sell. Request a free customized report and learn how we can increase your sales.

“Our proactive sales services put you in direct contact with the Government purchasers who buy your products and services.”
Jim Hayes, Founder

GSA Consultants – Free Customized Federal Market Analysis

Do you want to know the Federal market demand for your specific products or services? RBH’s team of GSA consultants is currently offering a free Federal market analysis report customized to your business with the identification of the most successful competitors in your market. This is an incredible value and it’s yours free– no catch, no strings attached.

Need A GSA Schedule Contract?

The U.S. Government is the largest consumer in the world, and a GSA Schedule is the most commonly used federal contract. RBH’s team of highly skilled GSA consultants can guide your business through the complex and sometimes convoluted process of obtaining a GSA Schedule government contract. For those businesses who already have a GSA Schedule contract, we provide a host of other valuable consulting services to maximize the value of your contract. For a full list of the services we provide, please visit our services page.

Already Have a GSA Schedule Contract?

Many business owners who approach us have already gotten their GSA contract in the past year, but they are disappointed that they are not getting the federal business they anticipated. Of greatest concern is the cost of pursuing federal work. These business owners are finding that it is difficult and very time-consuming to figure out how to effectively market their services to the government. Making a GSA contract modification or price adjustment, getting on the SIPS program, figuring out which Agencies and individuals to target and where to register…they hardly have time to run their business! The story is always pretty much the same: I have the contract, now where is the work? We provide unique services that utilize your GSA contract to generate sales for your business. Call us today or find out more on our GSA Consultants services page and learn how our team of GSA consultants can help your business.

Did You Know?

The federal government buys approximately $40 billion worth of goods and services each year from businesses holding GSA Schedule contracts. For the federal government, the GSA Schedules program represents a fast, cost-effective way to procure commercial products and services. Any business with a GSA Schedule contract can tap into this exclusive market and start selling to high volume government purchasers. GSA consultants can help to expedite the process of getting business from the Federal government. Our government contract consulting services have helped numerous businesses increase revenues and profitability from sales to the government.

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