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Who is RBH Government Sales and Search, LLC?

RBH Government Sales and Search (RBH) is a full-service government sales and business development outsourcing company, specializing in sales to all federal government agencies. RBH utilizes proprietary Government market intelligence software to deliver market assessments, marketing strategies, and federal procurement decision makers. RBH also executes targeted e-mail campaigns strategically targeting Government Agencies and Prime Contractors that buy what you sell. RBH actually follows up these emails with phone calls to qualify leads.

Founded By Jim Hayes

Mr. Hayes founded RBH in 2006 after 25 years of experience developing effective sales and marketing plans for multi-billion dollar technology companies such as TRW, A.O. Smith and BREED Technologies. As Vice President of New Business Development at BREED, Mr. Hayes grew government revenue from zero to over $20 million in less than three years. Mr. Hayes applied this know-how as the basis to start RBH to help innovative companies jumpstart their Federal sales.

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