Getting A Gsa Contract

Getting A Gsa ContractGetting a GSA contract may not be as easy as you had hoped it would be. If you’ve already tried to navigate the system on your own with no success, consider calling on ‘The GSA Consultants’ at RBH Government Sales and Search. Their experts can help you obtain a GSA Schedule to market to the government sector.

Just spend a moment or two searching online and you’ll quickly discover the numerous benefits of obtaining a GSA Schedule. As a business owner seeking to sell to the government, you most likely know you’ll increase your potential in the federal market by obtaining it- the problem is, the process is time-consuming and difficult to navigate. RBH can help you get a GSA contract in the shortest amount of time possible, at an affordable cost.

Think about the potential for sales when you connect with what is the largest consumer in the world- the US government. Partner with the agency that will go above and beyond simply getting a GSA contract for your business. RBH will also help you take your contract and turn it into sales, through promotion of your products or services directly to high-level decision-makers in the government who buy precisely the goods or services you sell.

Consider the benefits of obtaining your GSA Schedule:

- Your company will realize numerous advantages over competitive companies that are not working with a GSA Schedule. Spending through the GSA program accounts for an estimated 10% of all government spending, meaning you’ll have access to an enormous amount of potential revenue. The GSA effectively weeds out what many consider to be ‘riff raff’ competitors.

- A GSA contract significantly simplifies federal contracting. Since negotiations are handled up-front, your business is in a better position to focus on marketing to the right federal employees.

- You’ll enjoy a dramatic decrease in proposal writing costs, since you will not be required to bid on as many opportunities.

If you’re interested in getting a GSA contract, the GSA Consultants from RBH Government Sales and Search will evaluate whether or not procuring a GSA Schedule will benefit your business, and whether or not you are eligible to apply. If you decide to proceed with obtaining a contract, you’ll find experts from RBH will do all the legwork involved in navigating the complicated process, from start to finish. Once your GSA has been obtained, their professionals will provide on-going contract management and support which will help you reach your full potential.

For business owners who have already obtained their GSA Schedule, RBH can provide professional assistance by assessing the market for your products or services, ensuring your contract is set up correctly, promoting your capabilities through a range of services and providing audit support.

Getting a GSA contract could be the single-most important marketing decision you’ll ever make. Let experts from RBH Government Sales and Search provide you with their expertise and knowledge in obtaining your contract in a timely manner. Call 216-990-8932 to get started. Getting A Gsa Contract

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