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GSA Schedule Contract Services

Don't Have a GSA Schedule Contract?

If your business does not have a GSA Schedule contract, our GSA Schedule consultants will evaluate:

  1. Whether or not this Federal sales vehicle will be of benefit to your company; and
  2. Whether or not you are eligible to apply. If you decide to proceed with getting a GSA contract, our GSA Schedule consultants will do the legwork to get you a contract as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. After you are awarded your GSA contract, we then provide on-going contract management and support.

Already Have a GSA Schedule Contract?

If your business already has a GSA Schedule contract but is not selling effectively off of it, our GSA Schedule consultants will:

  1. Assess the market for your products/services and make sure you are positioned properly on GSA Schedule;
  2. Ensure that your contract is set up correctly and is visible to the Federal decision makers that use the schedules to procure your products/services; and
  3. Proactively promote your capabilities through our unique and focused GSA marketing services (see below).

We also provide:

  • GSA Contract Management/Maintenance Services
  • GSA Contract Audit support Services
  • GSA Contract Extension Services

Federal Marketing Services

We specialize in developing strong, effective government- focused marketing documents called Capability Statements that are used to market your business to the government.

We identify all the important databases and websites that the government uses to procure your specific products and services.

We contact Prime Contractors that use your products and services to take advantage of subcontracting opportunities.

We identify and contact potential socio-economic partners for teaming arrangements.

We identify strategic federal business conferences (e.g. Matchmaking conferences) and trade shows and determine the most effective way for your company to participate.

We establish relationships with end users, specifiers, and decision makers in the government (beyond just the Procurement Contracting Officers) to promote your products/services and identify opportunities.

We analyze Agency Forecasts and future expiring contracts to help our clients develop information about government needs before solicitations and requirements documents are released to the general public.

We determine peak buying times for products and services and distribute price lists and Capability Statements accordingly.

We monitor all Federal opportunities (from Sources Sought to RFP’s to IDIQ’s such as RFP & Bids Finder) according to very specific search criteria that we develop with our clients.

We take great care to qualify all leads and make sure that the business we identify and pursue is consistent with the strategic direction of our clients.

We write winning proposals efficiently and at cost-effective prices.

Service Level 2: Proactive Sales and Marketing to execute Marketing Plan(s) for each GSA Contract.


Ongoing Direct Sales

E-mail marketing campaign with phone follow-up to execute the GSA Sales and Marketing Plan(s) developed immediately after GSA contract award.


Prior to writing customized GSA Sales and Marketing Plan, we ensure our focus is in line with your goals by working with you on the following questions:

  1. How are you currently organized to sell to Government?
  2. Who will be the person in your organization responsible for generating sales to Government?
  3. What is your existing process to sell to Government (roles/responsibilities/action plans/ goals)?
  4. How does your company currently find Government sales opportunities?
  5. Which software tools do you use – if any – to find Government sales opportunities?
  6. Who do you project to be your largest Government Customer?
  7. Why have you targeted this Customer?
  8. Who are your top three direct Government Competitors (Please include URL for each competitor) – you can list more than 3 if you wish.
  9. What is your dollar Government sales goal by 1/1/2020? By 1/1/2021?
  10. How do you feel that you can best differentiate your Company as a Government Contractor?
  11. Explain challenges or obstacles you face in selling to Government that you do not face in the Commercial market.
  12. Any other thoughts on how to make your Government Sales Initiative a success?

RBH Actions to support GSA Sales and Marketing Campaign:

  1. Develop a GSA Sales and Marketing Plan.
  2. Research every GSA Procurement in the past year for your products/services.
  3. Collect Contact Information for all GSA buyers of your products/services.
  4. Develop a database of GSA buyers specific to your products/services.
  5. Develop a messaging strategy.
  6. Launch ongoing E-mail and Phone Outreach Campaign.
  7. A list of all Government employees contacted is provided at the end of each month.

What This Means for Your Business

First, our GSA Schedule consultants get your business on the GSA Schedule, which opens the doors to $40 billion+ worth of opportunity. Next, we gather intelligence on your target Government market and show you what your competitors are doing. Ultimately, we put you in direct contact with the government purchasers who buy the type of products or services you sell.

Imagine talking to a government buyer or end user knowing exactly who he buys from and what he paid for the products/services he bought. What could that do for your business’s bottom line?

RBH Government Sales and Search, LLC is a unique GSA Schedule contract consulting firm. Contact our team of expert GSA contract consultants today and start increasing your company’s revenue in the government marketplace.

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