Marketing Support Services

RBH deploys best in class Government business intelligence search tools to generate sales for RBH clients.

Specifically, we use tools that are designed for:

  1. Direct Sales and Capture Management
  2. Government Purchase Order research
  3. Prime Contractor, Federal Agency and NSN research
  4. Solicitations Searches

This software enables us to find every purchase order released by the government (Local, State, and Federal) for your specific services. We can find the source of every dollar spent on your service and then develop a strategy to sell your services (and contract vehicles) to target decision makers.

You have a great opportunity to increase your Federal sales in FY 2019. RBH can help you gain more market share. You need the Government customers to know who you are as Government buying starts to ramp up and buyers start spending most of their budgeted dollars.

The approach is simple. We fine tune your capabilities statement and get it in front of the decision makers at target agencies and make them aware of your capabilities. We focus on requirements that will be procured on an annual contract basis or that can be met via simplified acquisition procedures.

RBH can give you access to all of these best in class tools, teach you how to use them, customize your government sales strategy, and if necessary, proactively market and sell on your behalf.

RBH offers 3 different levels of Marketing Support.

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